Neutral Party Valuation Expert

Whenever possible, we suggest that parties work together to solve real and/or pending conflict. Often, we work as a “neutral party expert” wherein both parties are our clients. The objective in working as a neutral expert is to resolve the case at hand in a transparent, cooperative manner and frequently in doing so, matters are resolved with less conflict and settled outside of court. Additionally, in our experience working as a neutral we have found dispute resolution to be less costly, less contentious, and resolved quicker than when both sides retain their own experts (avoiding a “battle of the experts”).

One of the ways in which we work as a neutral expert is in the Collaborative Process.

Collaborative Process

Collaborative law is one type of alternative dispute resolution which can be used in various areas of conflict but is primarily used in matters of divorce to keep the case out of court. In the collaborative process an interdisciplinary collaboratively trained team is put in place to support both parties during the resolution process. Each party retains their own legal counsel, and the parties work together to engage neutral collaboratively trained experts as needed (mental health professional, financial advisor, valuation expert, forensic account, etc.).

Florida Statute Section 61.55

61.55 Purpose — The purpose of this part is to create a uniform system of practice for the collaborative law process in this state. It is the policy of this state to encourage the peaceful resolution of disputes and the early resolution of pending litigation through a voluntary settlement process. The collaborative law process is a unique non adversarial process that preserves a working relationship between the parties and reduces the emotional and financial toll of litigation.

A key part of the formal collaborative process is the execution of the “participation agreement”. The Participation Agreement is a contract that must be signed by all participating parties to confirm compliance on the collective objective to work together to solve matter at hand outside of court.